For those of you who don’t know, Fine Arts is a “discipleship tool of the national youth ministries of the Assemblies of God (AG) designed to help students discover, develop and deploy their ministry gifts.” It is designed for middle and high school aged students.


On a personal level, Fine Arts is what really got me in tune with my gifting and my passion for communication, whether spoken or written. It was instrumental in my discipleship as well as I learned more about the Word of God I learned that as Christians we are all a family and we all have different gifts and talents but ultimately our purpose is to be used by Christ in this lifetime. I learned that despite my insecurities and fears I was fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) and I had a voice, a purpose, friends and family who supported me, and most importantly a God who was shaping me. I encourage every single student to get involved, and every single parent to get your teenager involved. The reason I started preaching was because of my mother, no lie haha. I wanted to sign up for a drama in Fine Arts and she let me, but only if I did a short sermon. Long story short I didn’t become an actor but am now by the grace of God I’m a pastor. Even unto this day Fine Arts is perhaps the most amazing thing to witness in terms of teens being used by God.


Students must get a sufficient score by a panel of three judges at the District level competition in April in order to advance to the National competition come August

purchase Lyrica cheap “What can I participate in?”
-Im glad you asked. This is a list of the categories that you can sign up for (it’s seemingly endless), check it out by clicking here: “How old do I have to be?”
-Glad you asked that too. You have to either be enrolled in 6-12th grade as of September 1, 2013 or be 12-17 years as of September 1, 2013.

order Lyrica from canada “How much does it cost?”
-Registration is $32 per participant and $15 per category that they enter in. It is $16 for anyone else that would like to attend as a non-participant

“When is the deadline to register?”
-Registration this year is all online only, no individual registrations will be accepted. Because of this our (Silver Spring Assembly) deadline will be @ 6:00pm on Sunday February 23, 2014.


Parents and leaders, the Youth Ministry need adults that can either coach, choreograph, proofread, evaluate, judge, encourage, brainstorm, or assist the students in various categories. Most importantly we adults that will love on our students. If you are gifted in drama, human video, musical theatre, photography (traditional or digital), vocal performance, vocal ensemble, literature, journalism, rap, songwriting, instrumental performance (solo or ensemble in any instruments whatsoever), puppetry, dance, worship leading, poetry, short sermon, graphic design, visual art (painting, drawing, sculpting), etc., If you have talents and gifts that you want to share with our students to provide mentor-ship, coaching, and encouragement please let me know by emailing me at When you see the passion and potential of these students through their effort and results you’ll understand why I’m so passionate about Fine Arts. It’s a process of the Holy Spirit working through students to teach them their talents, passions, desires, and calling.