Sunday School is a foundational strategy in Silver Spring Assembly for study of the Word of God in small group setting. The intent is to actively engage people in the purposeful and in-depth study of God’s Word. This study will produce spiritual growth, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, and worship, as well as foster personal evangelism.

There are a variety of Sunday School classes offered for everyone from pre-school through senior adults. Each class is designed to specifically meet the age appropriate needs. Sunday School takes place each Sunday morning from 9:45 to 10:45 AM (all age groups). Please contact our Sunday School director to receive the assistance you need in locating the class that you would like to visit.

Available Sunday School classes are

Kindergarten and 1st grade
2nd & 3rd grade
4th & 5th grade
Middle school age
High school age
Adult Traditional Bible Study
Adult Prayer Class
Adult French Class
Adult Spanish Class