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Thank you for visiting Silver Spring Assembly of God on-line. This website is intended to assist you in knowing more about us …helping you in making new friends … and discovering opportunities for worship, fellowship, training, and ministry with us.

“You count … we care.” Just as every individual needs a home and a family, we believe that everyone needs a church home. Our church is to us spiritually what our families are to us naturally.

Those in our church family have found a real home! It’s a wonderful, warm, happy people place! We want you to know there is plenty of room in our family for you and yours. We extend to you a warm welcome to be a continuing part of this family of God.

When you come to Silver Spring Assembly, you can expect to find a warm and inviting place to worship, learn the word of God, and meet new people of like faith.

We are youth, children and mission focus. That means everything we do, all the programs we create are geared towards these areas of ministry. You will find a diverse collection of ministry that you could get involved with. We have Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Boys and Girls Ministry, Youth Ministry, Worldwide Missions, Children’s Church, Spanish Ministry, French Ministry, Indonesian Ministry, and Technology Ministry.

Healing the spiritually ill, teaching everyone about God the Father, Jesus the Son of God and the Holy Spirit, sharing the good news of the gospel that God sent his son Jesus to die for the sins of the world; He then went back to the Father, and one day He will return to establish His Kingdom on earth forever. These are the focus of our church.

Silver Spring Assembly is a vibrant and growing church of many nations but One Spirit. We come together in the person and work of Jesus Christ and go out to be who Jesus died for us to be. We believe the local church is the hope of the world and would be honored if you would consider being part of what God is doing in our midst.

Sunday Morning Service – 8:30 am

Sunday School – 9:45 am

Sunday Worship Service – 11:00 am

Children’s Church – 11:00 am

Sunday Indonesian Service – 3:00 pm

Women’s Ministry – 2nd Saturday 9:00 am

Men’s Ministry – 1st Saturday 9:00 am

Family Night – Wednesday 7:30 pm

Worship Practice – Thursday 7:30 pm

Spanish Ministry – Saturday 7:30 pm


Although the technology used to deliver the message over the years have changed drastically, the overall message of the gospel remains the same, “while we were yet sinners, God sent His one and only son to die on the cross for our sins; and the only way to get to Heaven, is by accepting His sacrifice on the cross, believe that Jesus is the son of God, and confessing your sins to the world.”


Our missionaries go to the end of the world to fulfill the Great Commission.


We support world wide missions to reach the lost.

Audio Podcast

Download our audio podcast, and listen on the go.

Live Streaming

Our services are streamed live over the internet via Facebook.


Why would you want to make the choice to have God in your life and make Jesus become the Lord of your Life? First and foremost you are unable to enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless you understand and acknowledge that Jesus died on the Cross so that you can be cleansed of your sins ~ for we are all sinners (even the most well-behaved, most-liked, caring people in this world are not free from sin).  God loves us so much that He sacrificed His only Son (Jesus) so we can discover the secrets to an eternal life.  All He asks us to do is to ask for forgiveness of our sins and acknowledge and thank Jesus for dying for us; and then to ask Jesus to become Lord of our life.  That is all He requires of us; it is actually so simple, yet for some, it seems so complex.

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Get involved in ministry. At Silver Spring Assembly, we have many various ministry in which you can get involve in to grow in the life of a follower of Christ. Here are 3 examples.


In addition to our static ministries, we also have weekly bible studies, family night, yearly missions festival, July fourth picnic, week of prayer, spiritual fasting, visiting evangelists, Vacation Bible School, and various community outreach programs.


In order to survive today, new believers will need to be taught to know and apply the Word of God, or they will be deceived and drawn away from the faith. It is their foundation and their compass. Bible reading, Bible exposition, and Bible curriculum are all necessary for the child of God to breathe spiritually, let alone grow spiritually.

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If you would like more detail information about Silver Spring Assembly or have specific questions, please send us an email

Silver Spring Assembly Church

12805 Georgia Avenue,
Silver Spring, MD 20906

Phone: 301.933.2612